These conditions, together with any Special Conditions set out by EMC Testing Services Ltd in the contract documents shall be deemed to comprise the sole conditions under which EMC Testing Services offers its services to the Customer. All contracts entered into and work undertaken will be done on the basis of this standard terms & conditions unless EMC Testing Services expressly agrees in writing to amend them in any way.


EMC Testing Services provides a range of services focusing on EMC & Immunity Pre-Compliance Testing. All of our services are carried out to the best of our ability under various EN and FCC Standards and procedures.


Prices are exclusive of VAT and chargeable in respect of the provision of services. Such taxes shall be charged at the rate effective at the date of purchase. All purchases are made upfront via our online store, no testing will commence until 100% of the payment is received. EMC Testing Services are not currently VAT registered, and therefore we cannot include VAT in our prices under UK law. Our displayed prices include testing for that specific test and for 1 product only. If you require multiple products to be tested we will charge for that service based on a quantity basis. Where the parties agree to vary the scope of work and/or delivery dates, such agreement shall be recorded in writing, signed by the parties and EMC Testing Services shall be free to adjust the contract price to take account of such changes. In the event of the suspension of the work due to any act of omission of the Customer, any prices quoted may be increased by EMC Testing Services to cover any extra expenses incurred by it. All prices are displayed in full on our website and are priced on the basis of the work being carried out during the normal hours of operation between 8:30am – 5:00pm. 


In general, the test program will be completed as priced unless the client gives specific instructions to EMC Testing Services in the event of failure. Once EMC Testing Services starts testing for a specific testing standard, that test is no longer refundable and . Only further tests can be halted by request of the customer, which must be made before work commences. Cancellation of further tests due to failure will result in cancellation charges. Failure of test will be notified to the client at the earliest possible time if requested, if not requested, it will be documented in the test report.

Repeat testing will be subject to a new service purchase. We do not offer repeat testing at a discount.


We can accept payment by the following methods:-

– Payment via debit/credit card.

– Invoice for bank transfer before work commences.

All payments are made 100% upfront before any testing starts. Testing will not commence until the money is cleared and received. EMC testing Services has the right to deny testing a product if the money has not cleared.

All account bank transfer and currency exchange charges must be paid by the client – invoices cannot be cleared unless all charges are accounted for and this may delay start and release of final documentation. If any sum payable under this agreement is not under query and is not paid by the customer on the due date, EMC Testing Services reserves the right to withhold all Reports and Certificates and to not start further testing until the service price has been settled in full.  


To proceed with the testing, please fill in the form at checkout and complete the checkout process. We will the send you instructions for sending your product to us and we will also contact you if we require any additional information.


Any result or recommendations given in reports or certificates are correct to the best of EMC Testing Services knowledge at the time and on the basis of the instructions and information provided by the Customer. EMC Testing Services shall not be liable for any claims, actions or consequential damages suffered by the Customer or any third party by use of such reports or certificates and the Customer hereby agrees to indemnify EMC Testing Services against such liability arising from the use of such report or certificates. Our reports are pre-compliance test reports and are to be used by the customer. EMC Testing Services is not liable for how our reports or report data are used in any final certification processes.

Reports on the tests performed are available in 1 format:

1. A full test report detailing the work involved and a summary of results and conclusions.

Reports are available for release within one (1) weeks from the completion of the testing subject to all product information being made available.   Release of the final full test report is subject to full settlement of any invoices relating to the task in hand. 


The Customer is responsible for the delivery of their property to and from EMC Testing Services Laboratories. Customers must ensure that the property to be tested arrives at EMC Testing Services at least 5 working days prior to the scheduled commencement of testing. All consignments must be marked with EMC Testing Services proposal number and a packing list enclosed. Special storage instructions must be reported to EMC Testing Services at least 2 weeks before the test is due to commence.

The Customer shall, prior to delivery, notify EMC Testing Services of any actual or potential health and safety hazards whether inherent in, or arising from, the present condition of such equipment, with particular reference to the proposed work programme. The Customer assumes full liability for any accident or damage to persons or property on EMC Testing Services premises caused by or arising out of the condition or nature of the equipment not disclosed to EMC Testing Services. All electrical apparatus shall be suitably labelled to indicate that it complies with the requirements of the Electricity at Work regulations.

EMC Testing Services must have all the necessary cables, terminators, technical information relating to the product and support equipment, such as instruction manuals etc prior to testing. If the equipment is software controlled please ensure that a suitable computer is provided together with the documentation to enable EMC Testing Services to operate the equipment. If the product is battery powered, please provide spare batteries and/or a separate charging unit to ensure that battery changes can be made as required.

Please note NO photographic/recording equipment should be brought into the chamber unless it is either part of the system under test or support equipment.

On testing completion, EMC Testing Services will ship back the products via DHL Express to the customer. EMC Testing Services shall notify the Customer of availability for delivery. If the Customer fails to correspond within twenty (20) days of the date of notification EMC Testing Services may arrange packing and transport for the items at the Customer’s expense. In cases where tests to destruction are called for, EMC Testing Services will give notice of availability of debris for return to the Customer. If the Customer fails to give disposal instructions within twenty (20) days EMC Testing Services shall dispose of the debris without further liability. All disposal costs incurred shall be at the Customer’s expense.  EMC Testing Services reserves the right to refuse testing in the event of unsafe equipment being delivered for test or to support a test. Cancellation charges will apply in this event.


The support equipment must radiate at below the required test limit and must be immune to the expected stress levels for all submitted tests. Failure to ensure this requirement is met may lead to additional testing at the Customers expense to prove compliance. 


Electronic systems may suffer permanent damage when subjected to tests performed as part of this work programme. Customers must ensure replacement units are available so that the tests may proceed, in the event of a system malfunction.  EMC Testing Services does not accept liability for loss or damage, however caused, to property submitted for test. Customers must ensure that they hold adequate insurance cover.


EMC Testing Services reserves the right to apply the following charges should it be necessary to cancel a booking. The cancellation notice is from the date EMC Testing Services gives to you regarding when testing will start.

Cancellation Notice

% Charges of Total Price

6+ Days

No Charge

5 to 3 Working Days


≤ 2 Working Days


EMC Testing Services also reserves the right to make a charge up to the amounts set out below for resource idle time if the Customer has to suspend work in progress due to a failure or problems with the Customers equipment, data or test sample as follows:

Resource idle time as a % of total time

Charge to Customer as a % of service

20% to 40%

10% of service payable

40.1% to 70%

20% of service payable

70.1% to 100%

40% of service payable


The rights either under Letters patent, Registered Design, Copyright or otherwise to any inventions, designs, drawings or information produced or acquired in the performance of this contract shall vest in and shall remain the property of EMC Testing Services Ltd.


The Contract shall be governed by English Law and English Law only.