We focus on EMC Pre-Compliance testing and offer services that are modular, to suit your needs.

When you choose our services, you know you are going to get a great dedicated service with a fast turnaround time. We specialise in CE, UKAC, FCC and ICES pre-compliance EMC testing. This covers territories within the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. We offer a modern and fully transparent approach to EMC pre-compliance services.

Our experienced team members are dedicated to testing, love products and are great communicators. You won’t be talking to a lab specialist who uses language that you don’t understand, we explain things in normal words, making it easy to follow, starting with our website.

Each testing project we take on we aim to complete within 10 working days per product. Thats fast! This means you can get results quickly so you can focus on developing your products and making further improvements if required. If your product fails, we will suggest improvements for your product. 

By choosing us for your EMC pre-compliance testing you will get the following…


We are experienced in Product Design and engineering. We know what we are doing when it comes to EMC testing.


All of our projects we aim to complete within 10 working days per product. Now thats fast and allows you to do you.


We have a modern approach when it comes to EMC testing. This modern approach runs from start to finish.


We use normal words when communicating. From explaining your results to suggesting improvements, you will fully understand.


The equipment we use is calibrated testing and done in a semi-anechoic tent chamber for excellent accuracy.

Our modern approach to EMC Pre-compliance testing is a simple 4-step process.

We do things a little differently here compared to other EMC Testing services. That starts with our modern website and approach, finishing with your final test reports. Everything is easy to follow from start to finish.

Contact Us so we can discuss your products requirements in more detail. We will ask you questions about your product so we can learn about your product and fully understand what pre-compliance EMC testing it needs. 

Once we have discussed your needs, we can put together a quote and organise payment.

We also have a online tool which can quickly determine which services you need for your EMC pre-compliance testing.

You can access the tool by clicking here. 

Ship your product(s) to us.

Once your product is received we will aim to test your products and complete a report within 10 working days. We will contact you if we need anymore additional information throughout our testing.

We will email you your results and discuss them with you if required. We will produce a full EMC Pre-compliance testing report for you, that contains all of the results from the tests performed on your product.

We will ship your products back to you using DHL Express, free of charge.


Find out how EMC pre-compliance testing can benefit you and your products. We explain the numerous advantages alongside a basic summary of what pre-compliance testing is.


Find out which EMC pre-compliance services you may need for your product by taking our AI learning quiz that suggests services based on your answers.


See what other clients have said about our fresh approach to EMC pre-compliance testing. We have a variety of different clients use us every month.