EMC Pre-Compliance testing is a vital part to your product design process.

EMC Pre-compliance Testing is important, as it helps you identify any potential issues with your product along the development process. Pre-Compliance Testing is a cost-effective way of increasing your chances that your product will pass full compliance testing with a much lower risk of failure, which can cost 10’s of thousands of pounds.

Further to this, some Standards don’t actually have a requirement for full compliance lab testing. Some testing companies would tell you otherwise, but the reality is, it’s not needed if the Standard does not call for accredited laboratory test results. Most standards within CE, UKCA & FCC (for non-intentional devices) are actually a self-certification process. Therefore, you can use EMC Pre-Compliance results to determine the relative risk of self declaring and creating your own Declaration of Conformity (DoC) without the need of full compliance testing.

Emissions Testing

The testing also gives you useful and accurate information, which can be very useful if your design does require changing or further improvements are necessary.

Pre-Compliance EMC testing is an important part for any product, whether at the start, middle or end of the product development process. Pre-Compliance testing is there to aid you and give you the results needed to declare your products for the market with confidence.

There is a great in depth article about EMC pre-compliance testing that can be found here.

Use it for your DoC

Depending on the standard, pre-compliance EMC testing results can be used as evidence to support your DoC without the need for further full compliance testing.

Early error detection

EMC Pre-compliance testing allows you to seek results early on in your design process. Finding any problems at the earlier stages can save you thousands of £s.

Reduces risk

EMC Pre-Compliance testing reduces your risk of failing full compliance testing if your product requires it. If it passes pre-compliance, there is a very good chance it will pass full compliance.

A much lower cost alternative

EMC Pre-Compliance testing is much lower cost than full compliance testing. Furthermore, you can use the results in multiple different ways for your products benefit.

Saves yourself time

Pre-compliance testing allows you to identify issues before your product is complete. Do not fall into the trap of finding it cannot pass at the end of the design and manufacture process.

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