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Product EMC Testing: Which products should be tested?

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing is a crucial process in the development and production of electronic products. It is the process of assessing the ability of an electronic device to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic noise. The main objective of Product EMC testing is to ensure that the product is immune to electromagnetic interference…

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EMC Testing: Ensuring Your Electronics Meet Regulatory Standards

As technology continues to advance, the need for electromagnetic compatibility testing becomes increasingly crucial. EMC testing refers to the process of evaluating electronic devices to ensure that they meet regulatory standards for electromagnetic emissions and immunity. This process is important to understand, and to be completed before a product goes on to the market. Why…

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Pre-Compliance vs Full Compliance Testing

When it comes to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, there are two main types: pre-compliance testing and full compliance testing. While both aim to ensure that electronic devices meet regulatory standards for electromagnetic emissions and immunity, there are some key differences between the two types of testing. Pre-Compliance EMC Testing Pre-compliance testing is a preliminary testing…

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Why do EMC Pre-compliance Testing?

EMC pre-compliance testing is crucial for electronic device manufacturers to ensure that their products are compliant with electromagnetic compatibility regulations before formal testing and certification. This type of testing can be conducted in-house using specialised equipment or via a specialised testing provider. The aim is to simulate the conditions that a product will be exposed…

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